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About SH&A

The Management Consulting firm of St. Aubin, Haggerty & Associates, Inc., an Illinois corporation, was founded in 1986. We have earned a solid reputation for superior work in Strategic Business & Human Resources consulting for companies facing multi-faceted challenges in today's complex business world.

We strive to deliver innovative and customized solutions to meet our client’s unique organizational needs. Over the years, our expanded products and services have resulted in four distinct, yet overlapping, practice areas:

The founding philosophy of SH&A was that all organizations, regardless of their evolutionary state, could benefit from leading-edge human resource support. As our clients' businesses and markets consolidated, our focus on enhancing the human capital component became even more critical.

SH&A has been privileged to build and maintain close relationships with many clients and their companies. We truly believe in their unlimited potential for success. As we have grown over the years, we have never wavered from our historical purpose. We remain committed to providing unique solutions to our valued client organizations.

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