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Attract, Engage and Retain Top Talent, Author House, November 2008 - Available Now!

As co-authors, Donna de St. Aubin and Brian Carlsen articulate the value of creating a talented workforce engaged in doing great work.

As we stated in the forthcoming book's introduction, "Leadership is both art and science. Building your organization into a preferred employer with an engaged workforce and a culture that retains the right people doing the right things requires inspiration and hard work.  We hope this book will serve as a blueprint, or a the very least, an idea generator for the creation or re-creation of your desired place to work."

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Preview excerpts from the topics covered within the book, such as:

We hope you enjoy!  Feel free to contact us or ask us a question on our home page.

Warmest Regards,

Donna de St. Aubin and Brian Carlsen

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